Imagine Knowing People in an African Village…



Like true friends, participating in their lives and having them participate in yours. Imagine being able to make a meaningful difference in the life of an African child, family or community, sharing and supporting each other’s efforts in creating a better world.This is precisely what NEIGHBORS WITHOUT BORDERS is all about: creating meaningful partnerships and projects between developing communities and our own community based on solidarity and friendship.

People To People Networks

NEIGHBORS WITHOUT BORDERS projects are built on the idea of direct communication through the development of people-to-people networks.Grassroots volunteer organizing is the cornerstone of what we do. Volunteers in our partnering countries in East Africa work to promote projects for social, cultural and educational development.Our volunteer projects have included:

  • fundraising for education,
  • healthcare outreach,
  • building schools, homes, and animal rearing in East Africa;
  • providing educational sponsorships of AIDS orphans;
  • selling African crafts to support community projects
  • and much more.

You Can Too…

Please visit our pages to learn more about NEIGHBORS WITHOUT BORDERS and how you too can make a difference in the lives of children, families and communities in Africa and Latin America. Or contact us at info@neighborswithoutborders.org